Friday, June 29, 2007

Drag-and-Drop Desktop Printing

Want the ability to print a document right from your desktop (without opening the application first)? Go under the Apple menu, under System Preferences, and choose Print & Fax. When the preference pane appears, click on the Printer Setup button, and when the Printer Info dialog appears, press Command-L to show the Printer List dialog.

Screen shot

Your printer will appear in this dialog. Click on it, then go up under the Printers menu (in the menu bar) and choose Create Desktop Printer. A standard Open/Save dialog will appear asking you where you want to save it (I save mine on the desktop). Click Save and an icon for your printer will appear on the desktop. To print a document, just drag-and-drop it on this icon. Some documents, such as TextEdit files and PDFs, will go straight to the printer. Other files will launch their default application and open the Print dialog.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"It's not the tragedies that kill us, it's the messes."

- Dorothy Parker

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Making ZIP Files (Compressed Files) in One Click

One of my favorite Mac OS X features is the ability to create ZIP compressed files from within the OS (basically, this shrinks the file size, ideal for files you’re going to email — smaller file sizes mean faster file transfers). To create a compressed file, either Control-click on the file and choose Create Archive (which is Apple-speak for “make a compressed ZIP file”). Or you can click on a file, then go to the Action menu (the button that looks like a gear up in the Finder window’s toolbar), and choose Create Archive from there. Either way, it quickly creates a new file, with the file extension “.zip.” This is the compressed file. You can also compress several different files (like three, for example) into one single archive file — just Command-click (or Shift-click contiguous files) on all the files you want included, then choose Create Archive of X Items from the Action menu. A file will be created named “” (that’s it!). By the way, if someone sends you a ZIP file, don’t sweat it — just double-click it and Tiger will automatically decompress it.

Screen capture

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Speed Tip: Faster Full-Name Viewing in List View

Screen capture

When you’re looking for files in either List view or Column view, it’s almost certain that some of your files with long names will have some letters (or even full words) cut off from view. Here is a tip that will save you from having to resize your List or Column view columns — just hold your cursor over the file’s truncated name for a few seconds and eventually its full name will pop up. So what’s the problem? The “few seconds” part. Instead, hold the Option key, then put your cursor over the file’s name, and its full name will appear instantly.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007


"The present was an egg laid by the past that had the future inside its shell."

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


"In all chaos ther is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."

- Carl Jung

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Monday, June 18, 2007


"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

- Joseph Campbell

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Friday, June 15, 2007


Differentiation. It’s about being original; breaking free from the competition; leading, not following. I can help you forge a path away from the crowd, away from the noise, and closer to your customer.

How Will You Be Different?
Along with the perfectly picked and placed words that make up the timeless writings that emerge as a cherished book—something we keep by our bed, travel with far and wide or relax with as we curl up in front of a cozy fire—a good book layout is important to an author. Especially self-published authors who don’t have the talented staff of a major publishing house offering design options.

My job as a graphic designer is to give your book visual life and interest that will add “character” (look and feel) and catch the eye of a passing patron and spark intrigue that will make them pick it up and open the first page, never wanting to set it down. There’s an art to giving your carefully chosen words a look and feel that helps them portray hope, emotion or intrigue.

Book Layout
A slight size change, font style or placement on the page can make all the difference in bringing a powerful personality to your fascinating book. Paragraphs need to be the right length so they don’t seem overbearing—not too long, not too short—but cleverly balanced and readable to everyone not just elite readers. I’ve seen some books so jumbled and disorganized it would make a man quiver at the mere thought of trying to read them.

There are many ways a graphic designer can help you increase your book sales. There is of course advertising in the form of a flyer, poster, or a magazine ad. You could put together a package or marketing kit for your book, which may include a CD, an ad, a book marker, a coupon for your next book and so on. You may need invitations to your book signing sure to be in your near future. You might market yourself using only your name, but a personal logo to brand your product is much more effective and professional looking. You may need business cards and letterhead designed to enhance your branding image. Are you sending out a newsletter to your database? Let me design the newsletter and send it to your customers “spam-free” through a permission-based email program. Why not convert your printed book into an e-book you can sell on your website? What? You don’t have a Web site? Every writer needs a website and I can custom build one that best serves your needs. These are only some of the countless options you have when you bring in a graphic designer.

From designing your book cover, to laying out the inside pages, to having the perfect index created, there is no end to what I can do for you. I’m looking forward to helping you give your book a fantastic visual life! You are welcome to e-mail me with any questions or comments at, Also, please take a look at my web site at,


Jessica Dockter
Graphic Designer for Write On! Creative Writing Services Team

Logos and Branding-Are you maximizing resources?

Most of us know effective marketing is the result of consistent marketing efforts to target audiences, but it’s easy to forget about incorporating your logos (or branding) effectively. A few questions you want to ask before you start a massive marketing effort are:

1. Does my logo represent the services or products I’m trying to sell?
2. Is it appealing?
3. Is it easy to read?
4. Does it correlate to my website?

If you answered all these questions with a yes, it’s time to look at the many ways you can use marketing tools such as a logo to improve customer loyalty and increase your visibility. Everything you use should have some consistence. Is your logo the same on all business cards, letterheads, outdoor advertising, website, cars banners, etc? I realize this may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how often businesses and individuals may use a certain type of look for paper marketing tools, another look for web marketing tools, and still another look for outdoor advertisements.

There is a very successful landscape firm in my area. They use a large single (oak shaped) green leaf. Underneath their leaf they have attractive lettering in black giving the company name and phone number. It’s is easy to read. I can always tell it’s them. Their trucks, marketing flyers, newspaper advertisements, business cards and bus stop ads are all the same. During the summer, I may see their logo as much as three or four times per day; once when I read the morning paper, whenever a truck is working, or whenever I drive past the bus stop.
Experts who have studied advertising strategies understand that most human beings will seek comfort and familiarity. The more often the public is exposed to your logo, the more likely you’ll be able to sell your products once you have an opportunity to meet face to face.

To summarize, make sure your logo works for your business, advertise consistently using your logo consistently and then ask for a sale. Also, remember to build customer loyalty and increase up sale by using logos on all follow up correspondence. If the person you are talking to needs your product or service and they’ve seen your logo 10-15 times, it’s highly likely you’ll get a yes on your next sale.

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On-line Barter, How it Helped Two Business Owners and Benefits Animals

A few years ago Kate Garvey, former president of the Real Estate Investors of Nashville, left a lucrative real estate investment career to pursue her first love-writing. It didn’t take long until she formed an affiliation with Write On! Creative Writing Services, based in Nashville, TN, where she became a staff writer. Although Kate was busy building her own freelance writing business, the over-flow work from Write On! Creative Writing Services helped tremendously.
Graphic designer, Jessica Dockter, owner of L.E.E. Design, was as part of the Write On! Creative Writing Services team. And that’s where the story begins. Kate relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, to be closer to family, and Jessica had just moved from the west coast to Nashville. But, due to staff conference calls they began to learn a bit about each other and how much they have in common. Both women are the daughters of veterinarians and share a deep love for animals. They both have zany pet stories, and they both know the devastating effects of animal abuse and neglect.

Kate Garvey’s childhood dream, to end the needless suffering of animals and reduce senseless over population re-emerged. She started writing pet care articles and posting them free of charge on-line. It draws more than 4,000 visitors to her freelance writing site each month (

When Garvey decided to create a website dedicated to pet care she immediately knew she needed Jessica’s help. Jessica understood Kate’s needs and enthusiastically created a logo that captures the eye and the mission. In exchange for help with the logo, Kate wrote informative articles on logos and branding designed to draw potential clients to Jessica’s graphic design site L.E.E. Design ( Jessica’s logo is seen by dozens of people each day on Kate’s pet care site; Resource Center of America (, and Kate has a free logo. Additionally, more animals will benefit because the pet care site has three functions; to provide free pet care tips, to be a comprehensive resource center for pet lovers featuring product reviews, news alerts, and supplies, and as the company grows and product and book sales increase, Garvey will increase her support to national legislative efforts so that animal welfare and protection laws can be improved.