Friday, June 15, 2007

On-line Barter, How it Helped Two Business Owners and Benefits Animals

A few years ago Kate Garvey, former president of the Real Estate Investors of Nashville, left a lucrative real estate investment career to pursue her first love-writing. It didn’t take long until she formed an affiliation with Write On! Creative Writing Services, based in Nashville, TN, where she became a staff writer. Although Kate was busy building her own freelance writing business, the over-flow work from Write On! Creative Writing Services helped tremendously.
Graphic designer, Jessica Dockter, owner of L.E.E. Design, was as part of the Write On! Creative Writing Services team. And that’s where the story begins. Kate relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, to be closer to family, and Jessica had just moved from the west coast to Nashville. But, due to staff conference calls they began to learn a bit about each other and how much they have in common. Both women are the daughters of veterinarians and share a deep love for animals. They both have zany pet stories, and they both know the devastating effects of animal abuse and neglect.

Kate Garvey’s childhood dream, to end the needless suffering of animals and reduce senseless over population re-emerged. She started writing pet care articles and posting them free of charge on-line. It draws more than 4,000 visitors to her freelance writing site each month (

When Garvey decided to create a website dedicated to pet care she immediately knew she needed Jessica’s help. Jessica understood Kate’s needs and enthusiastically created a logo that captures the eye and the mission. In exchange for help with the logo, Kate wrote informative articles on logos and branding designed to draw potential clients to Jessica’s graphic design site L.E.E. Design ( Jessica’s logo is seen by dozens of people each day on Kate’s pet care site; Resource Center of America (, and Kate has a free logo. Additionally, more animals will benefit because the pet care site has three functions; to provide free pet care tips, to be a comprehensive resource center for pet lovers featuring product reviews, news alerts, and supplies, and as the company grows and product and book sales increase, Garvey will increase her support to national legislative efforts so that animal welfare and protection laws can be improved.

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