Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Green Tips For Book Lovers

I love books. Unfortunately, I don't read as much as I used to, but I always have a book (or ten) on my bedside table and a huge wish list of books I would like to read "some day." If you're a book lover too, you might find the following green tips for avid readers useful.
Borrow instead of buying. Buying a new book feels so good. There's something about the touch and the smell of a new book that I find irresistible. But buying new books encourages the printing of more books, which is hugely wasteful. Try to limit buying new books to special occasions. For your everyday reading, join the local library, an online book rental service such as BookSwim, and exchange books with friends.

Buy used books. If you must own books, at least try to buy them used. This is not just better for the environment – it will also save you money. Used books tend to be ridiculously cheap.
Read electronically. Instead of buying physical books, download books from the Internet directly to your computer or to a reading device such as Kindle. Many avid readers initially object to the notion of giving up physical books, but eventually get used to it and find that it helps them keep costs down and reduce clutter in their homes.

Recycle your own books. When you’re done reading a book, instead of placing it on a shelf where it will basically sit unused and accumulate dust, offer the book to friends, or donate it to a local library or to a bookstore. As a last resort, place paperback books, and the inside pages of hardcover books, in the recycling bin. Never toss books in the trash!

We hope these Green tips have been helpful. Shoot us a reply if you have any questions, comments, or tips you would like to share! We get a lot of mail, but we read them all and are diligent about responding to as many as possible.

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Allison said...

I love to read, I always have since I learned how as a child. And I totally agree, it is very wasteful to throw books away when you are done with them. My friends and I always exchange books with each other, which is great because we save money and it's better for the environment.

Happy Friday,
Allison Maslan