Thursday, May 27, 2010

Using Mac OS X Zoom for Demos

If you’re a trainer or you need to demo a technique in front of a group of people, there is nothing worse than losing your audience because they can’t see your cursor or the detail you’re pointing at. Fortunately, Mac OS X has a built-in solution for this problem: screen zoom.
To enable screen zooming, open System Preferences, click on Universal Access, and click On in the Zoom area. You are immediately ready to zoom: Press Command-Option-= to zoom in and Command-Option-hyphen to zoom out. If you click the Options button in Universal Access, you can fine-tune how Mac OS X displays the zooming effect – for example, you can set how far the screen should zoom in.
Zooming in and out is a great way to draw your audience’s attention to just what you want them to see.

Zoom Demos
While Zoom was originally designed for visually impaired users, it is also very useful for people who need to demonstrate Mac OS X applications.

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