Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drag and Drop Import from the Title Bar

Just because you have a file open in Photoshop or Word or any other program, doesn’t mean you know where that file is saved on your hard drive. For example, you may have double-clicked on a file inside your email client and found yourself editing an image in Photoshop or an RTF document in Word.

But what if you now want to import that image or text file into Adobe InDesign? No problem: After you save any edits in your document, move your cursor over the little icon to the left of the file’s name in the title bar. Now hold down the mouse button and begin to drag the icon. You can drag that “proxy” icon into any other open window, including an InDesign document. If you can’t see the window you’re aiming for, keep the mouse button held down and press Command-Tab (the Mac OS X application switcher) to switch applications or use ExposĂ© to find the window you want. This drag-and-drop technique is only available on Mac OS X, and only after you have saved a file.

Drag and Drop Import from the Title Bar

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