Friday, August 31, 2007

Search Inside Your Photoshop Documents

This one’s a mind blower. If you’ve got a layered Photoshop document (saved in PSD format), Spotlight will even search your Type layers to help you find the layered file that has the word you’re looking for (as long as you’re using Type layers — not rasterized layers, in which case they’re not Type layers anymore, so why did I even say that?). For example, here I did a search for the word “Spain,” which resulted in Spotlight finding my layered PSD file.

Screen shot


Yvonne Perry said...

Jessica, What is PSD format?

Yvonne Perry

Cherise said...

Good Info! I have trouble with my photoshop on my pc, but I also have a mac that I think I should try to run photo on instead. Thanks, Rev.Cherise

Reverend Cherise Thorne said...

Do you have any tips on dreamweaver on the mac, I'm thinking of changing from iweb so I have a few more options.

Rev. Cherise Thorne